4 Ways To Decorate Your Home For Halloween

If you’re looking to deck up your space for Halloween, well, then we have gathered a few tips that will help you get started!

Halloween is the festivity, where we add a bit of scary yet stylish element to our house. And, if you’re wondering what it all takes to make your house into a scary ghost movie scene or how much it costs, these 4 decorative ways will help you decorate your space for Halloween on a budget.

These easy ideas will impress your guests and help you to decorate your space for the spookiest day ever. So, let’s get started!


Deserted House

The first step towards decorating your house for Halloween is to turn your house into a deserted one. And, by deserted we mean a space no one has visited for ages.

Usually, for Christmas, you clean your house but the best part of Halloween is that the dirtier it is the more appropriate it appears.

  • There should be dust on the decorative pieces of your house.
  • Use artificial spiders to deck your windows.
  • Hang artificial cockroaches to the door, in a way that whosoever opens the door the cockroach falls on him/her.
  • Scatter dried leaves in the lawn, for a more dramatic effect.
  • Ditch the summer flowers and opt for dead stems as decoration.
  • Hang artificial spiders on the walls.

So, this is all you can do. If you have some other ideas that will make the space scary, you’re free to do.


Accessorize Your Space

The simplest way to add a scary touch to your house for Halloween is to throw in the correct accessories.  And, with the correct accessories, we didn’t mean you have to buy the new ones. Using the old home accessories you can create a perfect ambiance for Halloween.

Old Pillows- wrap your old pillows with crepe bandages to give a touch of Egyptian mummies to your Halloween. You can even create eyeballs using cardboard and paste them onto the wrapped pillows.

Foam Balls- wrap foam balls using a muslin cloth, draw eyes, and scary smile, if you want to, and leave the cloth hanging. Now hang it to the ceilings to give an illusion of hanging ghosts.

Use Pumpkins- cut out eyes and lips from the pumpkin and decorate the pumpkins wherever you feel, to set your house with the Halloween theme.

Bottle Candles- use empty glass bottles to make candle holders, a must thing in the scary house.

If you’ve other DIY ideas, you can also use them to decorate your space for Halloween.


Add Sound and Lighting

Don’t forget to add sounds to the Halloween setup. Creep sounds make the home a perfect space for Halloween. Take sounds from the ghostly movies and use them as the playback sound for your Halloween party.

Also, change your lights, use colored lights such as red or simply blackout everything, and use candles instead.


Don’t Overdo

Make sure you’re not adding too many scary elements. Keep everything to the limit to which it looks fun and make sure you do not overdo the Halloween decoration. Avoid using tricks or props that could harm others.

So, these were some simple and easy ways you can revamp your house for a Halloween party but that doesn’t mean you can’t add yours. If you have some other ideas as well, you can incorporate them into your setup to make your house as scary as possible.

We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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