5 Exotic Tiles for a Contemporary Bathroom

Our bathrooms require so much work throughout construction, plumbing work, electrician’s work, tile work, accessory fixing, and whatnot! But all the brains that we put into making a nice bathroom interior will not go in vain if the functionality stays intact and things are not overdone. For instance, tiles. They are an essential addition to a bathroom, saving the walls from erosion and beautifying the space immensely. If you are someone who’s looking for great tiling options, then sit back and relax as we roll out 5 exotic tile options for your bathroom interior.

1. Turkish Tiles

Turkish tiles are finely designed with a signature blue color contrasting with white background in quartz/quartzite. They also generously include flower/vegetal patterns. The whole pattern is only realized with 3, 6, or 9 consecutive tiles. Their beauty lies in the unmatchable detailed work and how timeless they are. They don’t seem over imposing and serve greatly to the beauty of their surroundings. If blue has to be a segment in your bathroom, Turkish tiles will ease your search. Works best on small walls.
2. Embossed Tiles

Embossed tiles are works of beauty and are hard to interpret as well. Taking their make into account, the variety of designs is limitless. They are effective in applying richness and a loud demeanor to your bathroom walls. Embossed tiles look and feel antique too. They can be incorporated into large walls when choosing shades of white/beige/cream. For the variously and deeply carved tiles, choose a specific utility space.
3. Moroccan Tiles

They are beautiful and vibrant tiles. They make great options for bringing life to any space. They consist of simpler designs as compared to Turkish tiles but become more functional as they let loose of intricacy. They are diversified in interior design approach and have a rich Mediterranean flavor to them which makes them look refreshing. The color combination is lush green and the Islamic art tradition seems to ooze out of these tiles. Make a colorful mosaic out of small heterogenous Moroccan tiles.
4. White Brick Tiles

Thinking old-fashioned? Go no further. This super-sleek effortless tile makes a smaller bathroom appear bigger. Although monotonous, they end up looking more detailed than you can fathom out of a single tile. A great option for minimal, modern, or contemporary interior style. Would work marvelously in bigger bathrooms with large empty walls because this will add the missing texture.
5. Mexican Tiles

Mexican tile is a richly colored and dynamic tiling option made to fit in any given space. They fancy bright contrasting colors and hence require a lot of toning down to fit into your bathroom. It’s suggested to include more wood along with these tiles so that their vibrancy is tamed and an opulent outlook is attained. If you are picking up Mexican tiles, go slow but add variety or it becomes too boastful of its appearance. A variety of tiles will balance each other’s colors.

Here are a few things to take into account once you have chosen which tiles would go there. First, decide on the compounded outlook of your bathroom and where you should be placing the tiles. Then, consider the size and shape of your bathroom too. Bigger tiles would help accentuate the size of a small bathroom space and smaller more detailed tiles will add depth to a bigger space. Thirdly, think of a color scheme to fit the vision. One color throughout easily adds to a spacious feel. And lastly, remember that not every corner of your bathroom needs tiling. Some dedicated spaces are well decorated with tiles, alone, leaving the rest space blank, and still, an eccentric look is secured.

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