5 Frequently Done Home Décor Mistakes You Should Avoid

Well, we’re not the expert designers and we decorate our space as per our want, thus it’s likely to have some mistakes done. Decorating our house is aesthetically pleasing and makes our space a much better place.

Who doesn’t love to decorate their houses?  Each time we are out shopping, we tend to buy something for our house and that impulsive buy doesn’t necessarily fit our space. Or inspired by your friend’s home decor, you also wish to go with the same color and lighting even if it doesn’t fit your space.

Well, we all do mistakes when it comes to home decor and thus we have gathered a few common mistakes you should avoid while decorating your house.

Check out all the common mistakes listed in the article and erase them from your space.


Opting For Short Curtains

Curtains play an important role in the overall aesthetics of the given space. Not only are these the fabrics that keep the light out but also elevate the look of your space.

But, the biggest mistake we do while choosing the curtains is to go for short-length curtains. If your curtains are short, they’ll make your wall appear shorter than it is. Even though the curtains are hanging a bit, but never go with short length. The curtains that skim on the floor, give an illusion of a bigger space.


Matching Everything

The majority of us love to match our wall colors with the bedsheets, and pillows, or the curtains with the furniture. And, that’s the biggest mistake we do. With the notion of matching everything, we tend to ruin our space and vent out for a monotonous and dull look.

It’s not important to match everything. What’s important is that your space should look visually pleasing and if your furniture is not matching with the curtains but altogether it turns out to be gorgeous, what’s the harm?

So, make sure you do not rush for decorative pieces that match your wall colors or furniture rather fit your space.


Hanging Too Many Photo Frames

We all love to display our memories but hanging more than a bunch of photographs can give the appearance of an old place. Not each wall of your house has to be made a photo album. Thus, make sure you don’t hang too many of your family pictures on the wall.

If you want to decorate your walls, you can opt for other ways such as wall art rather than hanging your framed photos.


The Incorrect Rug Size

Rugs are a great decorative piece and add a point of interest to your room but the major mistake we all do is to pick the incorrect size and that just wrecks the look of our space.

We all go with the rugs that are either too small for our space or too large. If you go for small rugs it makes your other decorative pieces look cheap and the overall vibe of your space starts looking disjointed. On the other side, if you go for way too large rugs, you make your space appear unnecessarily occupied.

The key is to pick a rug that covers at least two chairs and a large sofa.


Overwhelming Your Space

It’s not important to decorate each corner of your home. Do not overwhelm your space rather decorate with less.

So, these were some of the major mistakes you should not do while decorating your space. Now, if you know the major mistakes make sure you rectify your home.

We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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