Additional items to spruce up a large living room

It is comfortable when you have a place that is not congested and ample area to move around comfortably and relax. This makes you feel good but at the same time, this can be a bit challenging to decorate. The more space available in the room, the more you need to look for things that would fill the space up so as not to make the room look empty. Sometimes, people either keep their large living rooms too empty or cluttered, making the space look bad. If you have a big living room, you have to use the area in an amazing manner that would help you spruce up your spacious living room and make it your favorite room. Here is the list of items to add to the room.
1: A wall full of art

When you are trying to make any room feel cozy and warm then one thing that you can work on is adding art and colors to the room. Art elevates the place with the colors in it that brighten it. It does not matter that the colors that are used are either neutral or bright ones, they all have a nice aura to them. You can add the type of aura you want in the room with the help of colors which can be done with the art.
2: Floor-to-ceiling bookshelf

Well for book lovers this is heaven. If you are one then this has to be in your living room. This is a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that can keep n number of books, all your read ones, to be read, favorite, all your books here in the bookshelf and along with that have a reading corner. You can decorate the place with a couch and an ottoman that can be used as a sitting area.
3: A fireplace and mantel

An easy way to add comfort and warmth to the place is with the help of a fireplace. Well, there are different kinds of fireplaces that you can get in your house and decorate the place. If you are looking for a traditional fireplace then you can get that build and decorate the mantel as well with different things such as photos, figurines, and all the other things. You can go for a hanging fireplace or can even go for a center table fireplace.
4: Wall paneling and ceiling lights

If you do not want to add extra things to the room and still want the room to feel calm then you can go for the decor in the room such as the walls. You can change your plain and dull walls into nice and trendy walls. The paneling on the walls is in trend nowadays and you can get that done in your house as well. This will help you in elevating the look of the room. Add some stunning ceiling lights to it as well.
5: Additional sitting area

If you have a large living room with ample space, you can just simply use the additional space that you have in a sitting area. Not the formal sitting area with the couch and the sofas near the tv but one at the corner that might even have a chess or any other table game that you can play. You can also create this additional sitting area near a bookshelf in the room or near the fireplace where you can enjoy the warmth and be comfortable.

These are some elements that you can add to your living room that can make the room look spacious and yet at the same time have things in it that adds warmth and comfort to the place. These elements that can be used to decorate the house are stunning and makes the room a lot better. They add colors, warmth, graphics, new textures and so much more to the room that allows you to have a great time when sitting there. This is the room where you would sit together with the family, watch tv, play games, have fun, or even have guests over, and thus when sprucing up, it is your responsibility to make the area look good.

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