Bed Back Panels You Can Do in New Year

Bed back panels have been in trend for quite some time now which is why we have brought this topic as the festival season reaches its peak. Paneling the back of the bed is a great way to add a more hefty outlook to one’s bedroom. Of course, it needs a vision so that it fits right in your theme and decided color palette. It has to bring more ambiance with other elements of the bedroom and help bring color too if needed. With some décor tips, you can ace your concept for your bedroom that brings some newness. You are just some ideas away from getting paneling done there!

Here are some bed-back paneling ideas to get a grip in the coming new year!


  1. Rustic Design

Have a rustic approach to bed-back paneling with some deeper colors put to action but choose the right finish for the same. The more polished finish and color texture you try to achieve here, the less rustic it will appear. Make sure you have chosen the right color to suit your style and accent. Then decide on one texture out of the many different types like satin, gloss, matte, grainy, etc. the panels have to be fixed in such a fashion with the lights that the rustic texture shows up warmly.

Pair with antique lamps and flower vases as pretty new year décor.



  1. Polished Modern Design

A modern design can accentuate the vibrancy of the whole room in a matter of hours. An upright wooden or marble design that makes the appearance of the bedroom astoundingly heavy. With a polished finish, you can help your bedroom transform just like that. The paneling has to be made in such a way that the bed, upholstery, and furnishing all look properly accented. Very uplifting!

Pair with modern lighting options and crystal chandeliers. Explore more green friends in your modified space.



  1. Layered Design

More layered design means more texture and more accent which is why this could be the best pick for the new year as it allows more creativity. Layered design in bed-back paneling will allow the addition of textures that can be further accentuated with smartly done lighting arrangements. The layers can be done variously, vertically, horizontally, and diagonally, in bits and pieces to look abstract. But the more work you do on the bed-back, the more work you will need to balance its heavy impact.



  1. Minimalistic Design

Sometimes, you might be looking for a simple and sober backdrop for your bedroom that requires little effort and offers a decent impact to cover your bedroom properly. For this particular fashion, your décor items speak the most while the background remains minimalistic in its very tone. Go for straightforward paneling designs for the bedroom with colors being as sober or pastel as you would like.

Pair with more textured décor items that can shine through. Create more contrasts.

You can also try artsy effects such as the bed backdrop where you can showcase the fanciest designs and images that are of your interest.




Your personal space must reflect your vision, taste, and what you find comfort in. there are tons of options to explore but, you can only be flattered by those that accentuate the natural features of the room you have decided to get paneling done in. With the ongoing festive season, a new year-inspired décor can be very uplifting and get your festive mood a spicy hint. Be assured of getting the best outlook of your bedroom as the panels make your room more solidified with the addition of designs and details. Remember to have light that lifts the designs of the panels in the best ways. Happy New Year!

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