Blunders to avoid during rug selections

Rugs are perceived as just another piece of textile; however, they have a great effect on the outlook of a room. They can transform, uplift, or can even downgrade the overall design and can convert something from plain to chic and homely. Rugs add up to the look and should be chosen with proper planning as to what type and pattern will look the best. They are seen as decorative items and are neglected most of the time. Rugs take up a lot of the flooring and add and enrich the entire interior. So do not rush while buying one and take a lot of things into consideration before buying one. If you are planning on buying one, then here are some mistakes you should avoid while buying the rug and get yourself a perfect rug.


Either too big or too small

This is one of the common mistakes people make while selecting a rug. Rugs are normally used in the living room or bedrooms. People go and get themselves a rug without taking into consideration the area in which the rug has to be placed. Then they get themselves a rug that is either too big or too small for the space available. Big rugs can make the space look crowded and small ones can be placed weirdly between the rest of the furniture. Before buying one, try to measure the estimated area and then look for the ones that can be accommodated perfectly in the space available. 


Buying it at the last

As mentioned before, rugs are not seen as an essential décor element and this leads to buying one at the last when the room is fully decorated. For example, while decorating a living room we tend to buy a sofa, chairs, curtains, and other furniture before buying a rug and then end up at a dead end as we might not be able to find one that matches the theme, color scheme or patterns used in the room. It is advisable to get a rug while shopping for other furniture as then it becomes a lot easier to match up the furniture accordingly. If you can, buy a rug before the whole furniture selection as then you have a whole color scheme and patterns to look for in the furniture.


The rug material

It is easy to like a rug for how it feels on hands. But this should not be the only factor while buying one. The main factor while choosing a rug is which room is it supposed to be placed in. Rugs should add to the interior and be functional too. They are available in multiple materials such as silk, polyester, and many more which can be a bit confusing for people to choose the correct one from. If you are buying one for your living room or bedroom or somewhere you want to relax and enjoy then go for some soft rugs that are durable. This will create a cozy vibe in the room. Or if you are looking for one in a room that experiences lots of movements like the dining area, select one of the low pile rugs and the one that can be easily cleaned.


Not investing in a rug pad

Rugs can be expensive. Rug pads are something that gives extra support to rugs and are placed under the rug. People tend to neglect rug pads as it can be seen as an extra expense. But in reality, one should never neglect a rug pad as it provides safety and extra support. Rug pads keep the rug in one place, preventing sliding of the rug on the floor. This pad also provides extra support and softness and comfort to the rug. 

If you need a rug or are planning on buying one, try to get one offline as you can easily inspect the material and size. You can buy one online as well, just make sure you go through the details available and check what material they provide and the is the size. Get around and get inspiration as to what kind of rug you want. Use different colors instead of just the mainstream beige or white. Use some pop of colors in your room and elevate the whole look. Just lookout for the tips given above while experimenting with the rug of your choice. 

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