Creating a Simple Minimalist Living Room

A minimalistic way of decor does not mean creating a place with fewer things and is not only used in small spaces. You can create a nice and simple minimalistic decor for your place and make the area look stunning. Minimalist decor style makes the place look serene and peaceful. This style eliminates the extra items present in the house that are of no use and that can make the place look messy. This style believes in less is more and that you only need to keep the things that you require in the house. This makes the place less cluttered and makes it easy to organize and clean. There are several ways to incorporate this stunning decor style into the house. You can do that by starting with the living room.


1: Monochromatic

When you are opting for decorating the living room in a minimalist manner, you can go with the neutral shades that everyone loves. This style uses a lot of neutral to light shades and those shades can create a wonderful environment. You can also go with a monochromatic look in the room which consists of using shades of one color and decorating the place. You can go with the lightest hue and the darkest hue of the said color. Try to use earthy colors for the decoration.


2: Open Living Room

You can create a nice open space living room in the house and make the area wider and look spacious. Open spaces look great when they are styled properly. You can create a nice minimalist look in the living room with the things you need and the things that would make the place look good. The open space makes the room look brighter and spacious and thus allows you to keep things and organize the area properly and easily.

Open Living Room

3: Natural Wall Art

As said before, minimalist decor style is more about believing that less is more and thus they can decorate the space with fewer things. You need to decorate the space and the walls with some artwork to add to the look of the room and thus you can add some wall art and other artwork in the room. These artworks should be according to the theme that the living room is going with that is minimal and natural. This minimal art that you can decorate the walls with makes the area looks stunning.

Natural Wall Art


4: Dried Grass and Flowers

Dried grass and flowers create a nice decor piece that you can use and decorate the place with. These dried grass look stunning in these minimalist decor rooms. You can get a nice vase matching the theme and can put this dried grass in that and place them somewhere in the room. Pampas is one of the grass that you can use to adorn the area and make the place look soothing and serene.

Dried Grass and Flowers

5: Modest Furniture

There is no need to go for some heavy or modern statement furniture. You can go with some simple and cute modest furniture that you can use and place in the living room. You can go for color contrasts or look for the ones that match the color scheme of the room. There are so many different kinds of furniture that you can put in the living room and can decorate the room with. Make sure that the things are comfortable and provide a nice and soothing vibe to the area.

Modest Furniture

After decorating the living room, you can go with the rest of the house. The list above tells you about the things that you can add to a room to make the room transform into a minimalist one. There are so many more ways you can change the room and make the place look serene and calm. This style has a way to make the area feel comfortable and peaceful. With the lack of useless things and neutral to soft shades, the aura, and vibe that this style presents are usually peaceful. You can add some of your own touches to the area and decorate the rest of the house with this style.

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