Décor trends that lost their glam

Trends are something that comes and stay for a while and then some stay forever while others lose their charm and get replaced by some other new trends. You have seen so many changes in the past years such as a new shift of office and working from home and in the fashion industry, you have seen the comeback of fashion that was once famous some decades ago. Similarly, in décor trends change and styles get replaced by some new ones.

The list below tells you all about the trends that lost their glamour and have now been replaced by some new more in-style décor. These décor trends were once heavily famous but now are usually seen getting changed into a new one.


Kitchen painted white all over

This trend was extremely famous and kitchens were completely painted in white from cabinet doors to shelves to counter to walls. Now, this trend is no more famous and people have shifted toward some pop of colors in their kitchen. They have changed the plain white counters to something that may complement the color scheme of the kitchen. For example, some wooden counters or marble counters are used now instead of plain white ones. This color was the go-to color when designing a kitchen but now people have shifted towards adding some colors and patterns into their space.


Matching furniture

For years you must have seen that people had matching sets of furniture for each room. The living room would have a sofa set with matching tables and side tables and even the cabinets or other furniture that adorned the room would match together. Now, this trend has changed. Now the furniture need not match but should complement each other. You can use different materials, designs, and sizes of the furniture, all that matters are that the furniture should complement each other. They should look nice well put together and should make the interior better.


Placing all the furniture by the wall

Placing all the furniture up against the wall has been a way of decorating any room. This way of placing the furniture has now changed a bit. People are not putting all their furniture against the walls and are now placing the furniture in a group or a bit away from the walls so as to make a close and useful lounging area. For example, in a living room if you place the sofas, chairs, and couches all against the wall then this might create some space in the center but will look weird when everyone will sit away from each other. Instead, get it away from the wall and put it all near each other in a group so as to make a close sitting arrangement.


Less lighting

People used only windows for natural light and only one source of light for the room. They did keep the size of the room in consideration and would install only one source of light. This led to rooms looking dull and boring. Now, this has changed and people are now inclined towards all sorts of lights and want to make sure that the room is well lit. Now people are using accent lights, normal lights, led lights, neon lights, and many more. instead of the traditional yellow color, select some cool and calming colors. Make sure to use one type of color for a room.


Fake plants

This was a lot famous and everyone saw one or more fake plants somewhere in someone’s house. People are now more into nature and being healthy and thus now these fake plants that once adorned the interior of rooms are replaced with fresh indoor plants. Indoor plants are not hard to maintain. They are extremely low-maintenance and add new color, freshness, and calmness to the place. This is the best trend that is now replaced as fresh, real plants are better than some fake ones.

The list above described some of the trends that were discontinued at the time and got replaced with new trends. If you feel like changing the décor of your place then try avoiding the above-mentioned and look for new up-to-date trends and styles. You can make your own style and combine new elements into your interior as that place is yours and should make you feel calm and at ease.

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