Do not make these mistakes while decorating a modern house

The modern decor style is one of the common styles people are decorating their house in. Contemporary or modern style means no more unnecessary detailing or extremely bright colors in the interior. It means using lighter shades and even going for a monochromatic look when decorating the house. Having few curves and more structural elements along with using natural elements such as wood or metals in the house. There is a thin line that when crossed can change the stylish modern house into a dull place without any cozy or comfortable feeling to it. This thin line can be crossed with bad decor elements or not using things that would make the place feel easeful. Thus to help you, we provide a list of mistakes you can avoid when decorating a house in modern decor.
1: Keeping everything firm and sleek

Modern decor do means keeping things sleek and nice but that does not mean you have to be too strict with the styling and everything. You can relax a bit and add different materials and making them work together in a setting. You can make a welcoming environment with the help of sft linens, not too harsh furniture, a mix of metals, glass, hardware, wooden accents, all these elements together in a room.
2: Not adding curtains to the place

People avoid using curtains in modern decor. It does look sleek and contemporary but what about privacy? Curtains are a great way to have a sense of privacy and along with privacy you get to have a touch of warmth in the house with them. You need to add curtains to add more softness and comfort to the place. You can aslwyas opt for the minimal shades such as neutrals or earthy colors that go with the theme of the house and that matches well with the decor. You can also go with blinds and other options when looking for shades and curtains.
3: Forgetting warm elements

When you think of modern decor, shades like grey and black comes to mind. These shades look grae but they lack the feel of warmth and cozy environment. You need to use the furniture, drapery, u=rugs and othr things in the house to make the space look great and comfortable. It is to give the area a character and depth which it lacks. Only using a shade or two and using extreme decor would make the room dull and plain.
4: Not personalizing the area

This is your house. Your home. The place where you would spend your time, relax, host dinners, parties, come back after a long day and so much more. You need to make your house look and feel like your space and thus you need to add things that match with your personality, adding a touch of you in your house, making it your sanctuary. It is important to have elements in the house that makes your place feel like a home. Not doing this would make the space feel foreign and not comofabtle.
5: Keeping the place to formal

You must have seen perfect furniture, sleek organization and eveyhitng tidy in modern decor. The furniture uses straight lines, the drapery and fabrics are of a certain palette and so are the other things in the house. All these combined together make the place seem too formal and not at all like a home. When you are working on renovating the space and making the decor into modern, no matter what you need to add softness in the space. You need to go for mix matched furniture set, you need to add candles and lamps, you need to add rugs to decorate and make the place feel snug.

These modern styles are used to simplify things and declutter the space for maximum use. You can go with a color palette that feels soothing to you. The list above tells you about some of the many mistakeds that you can avoid and make the modern ineterio feel homey and lively. There are times when these modern houses looks amazing but when you stay there, they just lack the wamrht. It is improatnt to add warmth to the place you are going to stay in. you can use these stunning ideas and make your place into a stunning and comfy place to be at.

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