Front door plant ideas to make your entrance look beautiful

Interiors are the most important part of any house, considering they add personality to the inside of your space. While furnishing and lighting are prerequisite parts of the interiors, a few accents like plants breathe in some life into your home and make it feel livelier and more cheerful. Speaking of plants, there’s no denying the fact that houseplants add extra character into your space. They are not only super functional but also aesthetically pleasing, which works wonderfully for your space.

Everybody likes their home to appear gorgeous from the inside, but your entrance is the first thing anybody would see, hence, it deserves some of your love and attention as well. One of the best and possibly the easiest ways to enhance the appeal of your entrance and make it look elevated is by adding some plants. No matter what kind of porch your house comes with, adding plants will enhance its appeal with minimal effort. Having the right plants placed outside your door automatically changes the whole vibe of your space, and if you’re up for some plant shopping as well as giving your entrance a mini-makeover, take a look at the article below where we have narrowed down 5 best plant options for your home.


English ivy

If you mean to use your plant as some sort of ornament, then English ivy is arguably the best option you could go with. This type of plant is a super climber; it tends to cling to any kind of surface, including bricks and walls. You can consider placing this plant alongside your front door; the climbing trails will frame the door that will give your entrance a major boost. No matter if you choose to place the plant on the floor or hang it to the wall, either way, it will work wonders for your front door, especially if the area is shady.



Infuse your outdoor space with a pop of color by adding petunias to the entrance. Adding this plant is an excellent way to give your front door a colorful and gorgeous makeover. This plant is an ideal option for houses that receive maximum sun as the flowers thrive the best in sunlight. There are so many ways of using this plant to adorn your front door. You can either hang them to the wall or place them around the door in pots, or even use them to line the steps.


Bird of paradise

If you want your entrance to look more colorful and rightly balanced, then you must consider adding a bird of paradise plant to your entrance. Incorporating this plant in your front porch will give your space a tropical feel. Bird of paradise flowers can thrive in both sunlight and shade; however, if you have bought an orange bird of paradise, it would be better if you place the plant in sun to let the flowers fully blossom. Also, when it gets cold, you should bring the plant inside to keep it from getting too cold.


Citrus tree

You don’t necessarily need to have a backyard to be able to grow a citrus tree; you can easily grow it in a pot placed outside your front door. No matter if you’re planning to grow a lemon tree or orange tree, it’s quite easy to grow them in a pot. Having a citrus plant in your entrance will serve you in two different ways, in addition to enhancing the appeal of your porch; it will also prove to be resourceful. Just make sure to place the plant in a spot where it receives sunlight and also remains wind-protected.


Wax begonia

If you are looking to place some flowers outside your front door, you might want to consider adding wax begonia, which looks incredibly stunning. Wax begonia comes in a variety of shades, shapes, and sizes. No matter what option you go with, every type looks equally gorgeous in its own way. You can either place them in a pot or a window box; in addition to making your entrance look aesthetically pleasing, they will also add a pop of color to your porch.

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