Ghostbed: The Key To Sleeping Comfortably At Night

Online shopping has truly made things so much simpler and easier. Its growing popularity each passing day is the living proof of the same. And since online retailing is going to be the future of this world, the market has been overwhelmed with endless brands and companies that are ready to take the market by storm by offering the products of all different kinds and types to the customers and delivering them at their doorstep. It was only fashion staples that used to be sold at online stores of major fashion brands or recognized websites, but now that the online retailing has expanded its horizon with huge numbers, you can easily expect to purchase things like furniture, decor items or any other staple for your home that once used to be bought from physical stores.

That being said, our bedroom is one of the most important rooms in our house and it’s only fitting to have a good mattress within the space so that you can sleep comfortably after a long day at work. And whether you know it or not, owning a good mattress is actually important as it induces great sleep, keeps your spine aligned, and alleviates back pain that mostly occurs due to sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress. And we have found just the right place for you where you can discover mattresses of all different types with specific features. ‘GhostBed’ is one of the leading destinations on the market that allow you to purchase mattresses as per your need and requirement.

What Is Ghostbed?

It is an online shopping website that offers a wide range of mattresses, bed frames, bundles, bedding, and pillows. The founder of this company, Marc Werner, decided to come up with his own mattress line owing to the body ailment he was facing for a very long time. Much like any other person, finding an ideal mattress for yourself that can adapt to your body nicely whilst also providing the needed support to it was his idea behind the creation of this brand that can fit the customer’s needs and requirements. It was only in 2010 when nature’s sleep (veteran mattress company) introduced GhostBed and their simple goal was to allow people to find their ideal mattresses in an easier way which doesn’t involve pushy salespeople and flimsy warranties.

The brand expertise in the manufacturing of mattresses that prompts good sleeping owing to their cooling foam technology.

Products Available

Besides offering mattresses on the website, GhostBed also offers some other items such as bedding, bundles, pillows, bed frames, accessories, and much more. The mattresses also differ in their features and sizes; you can pick the one that suits your need and requirement. You can find the mattresses in four different types including GhosTbed mattress, GhosTbed luxe with cooling properties, GhostBed flex with hybrid properties, and GhostBed 3D matrix which is a new addition to the collection. The website also a particular column where all the mattresses are compared based on their features and qualities, which is super convenient as this makes it easier for the customers to figure out what mattress is the best option for them.

101-Night Sleep Trial

One of the best features about this mattress brand is its 101-night sleep trial which allows the customer to take a free trial of the mattresses. This means that you get more than 3 leisurely months to get used to your new mattress and observe if it’s impacting your health and body positively or not. And if you are wondering why 101-night sleep trial exactly? Then according to their experience that they have collected in the course of time, both people and mattresses need time to get used to each other. For some, it may take a few weeks, while others can take more than a month to get used to their new mattress. This way your mattress can also adjust itself to your body. The company will offer a 30-day adjustment period to allow you to decide whether you’re satisfied with its effectiveness or not. And if 30 days are not enough then you always have 71 more nights to try the mattress.

Shipping And Return Policy

The company claims to offer super quick delivery for their products and that’s one of the many qualities that make this brand popular among the customers. GhostBed is a US-based company and most of their mattresses and products ship from one of nine continental locations, therefore, you can expect spooky fast shipping. It usually takes between 2-5 days to receive the purchased item. Except for Alaska and Hawaii ($600), the company Ship and handle all the products for free for all 48 continental states.

After taking a 30-night trial, if the mattress doesn’t seem to fit your needs and requirements, then you can easily request for return. The company claims to provide a hassle-free return policy, all you need to do is be home when the pickup crew arrives and you will be good to go. After returning the mattress, you will receive the refund and the returned mattress will be donated to your nearby charity or will get recycled. This is a pretty good deal, right? Damaged, ripped or stained products are not eligible to be returned, similarly, once your 101-night sleep trial has expired, you won’t be able to return it.


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