Home Staging With Fake Fruits, Does It Work?

One of the most controversial analogies is the Fake Fruit one. It’s been an amazing controversy for a long time. To be honest, recent research advised that Fake Fruit looks super weird to them when it comes to Home Staging.

The question arises, using fake fruits such as pear, banana, apple, etc. is how much beneficial?

Love or Hate. This is quite a controversial matter for a long time since its existence. First of all, Fake fruits are long a key part of the Home-Staging game.

One of the common pros of this trend that most fans agree altogether is that a bowl full of zesty lemons or limes has an aspirational appeal in a fantastic organized kitchen, adding a pop of colors on the white counters.

  • Fake Fruits, the home staging trend is now becoming more popular in other eateries as well like Fake Steak, or a Fake Sushi, A Glazed Donut, and so on.
  • The strange world of fake food staging is on the increase where super phony items are being placed for sales
  • @Getwiseinteriors, TikTok, lightly crack on the weird trend calling it the dumbest and “strangest home staging ever.”
  • The video shows acrylic cheese cubes everywhere, plastic cupcakes, some bright white crackers, all placed beautifully (Obvious?) to a pretend soup bowl
  • Things got weird when a website named propsamerica go crazy on selling all possible fake food props albeit its still in a nascent zone
  • One famous home décor expert was bewildered when she noticed playhouses like pastries, and mock beverages for sale at a furniture megastore while shopping!

While it is not okay to call fake food a staging trend, but the question put by apartment therapy is right, “How many make-believe croissants have you ever spotted at an open house”?

  • Its more than an emerging experiment in home staging, and is both of art and science, which nudges all the buyers into imagining themselves as the home they’re touring
  • The diversity is much, a few stagers will set up champagne glasses or an incredible high-end meal with fake ribeye! Even sides, and dessert so as one can associate the home with luxury lifestyle
  • “The whole thing here is psychological — an attempt to make the visitor feel more connected to the home,” she says.
  • Many real estate professionals have an ultra-strong opinion about fake food in staging


“Fake food plated up as if it’s ready to eat — but not — is just creepy!” says Kim Kapellusch, strategic interior design advisor at Real Estate Bees. “It’s like the family ran out in the middle of the night and didn’t have time to clean up.”

Another high-profile stager and famous interior designer at GuestHouse, (A tech-enabled home staging company) Carleen Laronn states that fake food is a tacky staging tactic

  • Put yourself in the prospective buyer’s shoes, suppose you’re walking through the home and if you offer real snacks, that might look more intimidating, a bit more welcoming, and warmer.
  • A real fruit set looks much proper and nice, a plastic cupcake cannot beat a real cupcake at any cost.
  • Human beings also have emotions and 5-senses. First, their vision will see the fake texture, followed by their nose getting no smell whatsoever, and final the touch doesn’t feel spectacular or nice.

Ending it with a softer note, of course, the fake food will bamboozle some prospective buyers.

To finish the note, Betsy Ronel, A licensed real estate salesperson with Compass in Westchester County, New York, says a stager she worked with once put flawless fake pears in a home’s kitchen. Even though there were wrapped snacks and water at the open house, the pears were a hit.

“People tried to bite into them!” she says. “There is now a set of teeth marks in one.”

That’s a hard hit to us for sure

Anyhow to put it correctly, a portion of fake food and fake fruit trend is on the rise for home staging, we’ve given the view of everyone. So, it is better one understands the underlying cause and see from the prospective buyer’s vision.

At the end of the day, it’s all your choice to take it or lose it, it’s a matter of the right balance struck between the 2 opposite pillages.

Nothing is right or wrong as such, it all comes at the end of right choices. A breeze of fresh food is our choice without any need of buying the fake one to increase the ever-growing plastic problem only.

Thanks for reading

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