How to design a small bedroom

Space can sometimes be a hindrance while designing a room. Things can get a little troublesome when the space is limited. One must choose everything carefully because it can easily go from cool airy to clustered. We want to fit anything and everything in our bedrooms. Be it be furniture, clothes, frames, accessories, colors, and whatnot. We sometimes cannot choose the size of our room but we sure can choose how to style it. All we need is some planning and creativity. With these two we can easily convert a small narrow space into something airy and homely.

Look at some of the ways you can make your room look a bit bigger and better.


Use a small bed

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in a bedroom and it can either make or break the look of a bedroom. A large bed can make a small room look cluttered and will take up a lot of space. Always measure and see how much space a bed can use in the room and then get yourself a bed. Put your bed in the center or by the window. Use the area beneath the bed as storage and store all the excess stuff under the bed in some cartons or boxes. Or you can even buy a storage inbuilt bed. 


Proper use of vertical space

To get a more spacious look, use the vertical space available in your room. You can hang some shelves up on the wall and utilize them for storage or put up stuff to decorate your place. This shelf can be used to provide additional space in the room for storage. If you have a taller room that does not have much width to it, opt for some bunk beds instead of normal beds. This way you can use the lower space for storage, wardrobe or study desk, or a workstation, just the way you want. 


Choose the correct color

For small spaces, it is better to choose lighter shades such as natural, pastel, or soft colors. These colors create an illusion of a brighter, bigger room. If you wish to make your room look bigger and brighter then go for some light shades. Darker colors absorb light and create a darker effect on the room making it shrink and look a lot smaller than it is. Try to give a little pop of color to create some contrast. But even with creating some contrast try using the correct color scheme as light ones give off a calming and soothing aura.


Proper Lighting

Lighting plays a big role in making a room look bright or dull, big or small. People tend to forget about this aspect and it becomes difficult to correct the mistake. A proper source of good light is a must in a room say it be a big window that allows the sunrays to cascade into the room making it all bright and airy or be some good lights that shine brightly to light up the room. If you don’t have a big window then try getting your room some good light and utilize it to the max. 


Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Mirrors are a good décor item that can help make a room look bigger. The mirror tends to create an illusion of a space larger than it already is. Therefore, invest in some good mirrors and install them in your room. They are a necessity and can be used for altogether different purposes too. Install mirror on either a wall or the closet or just put a full-length mirror around the corner. Mirrors also reflect light making the room look bigger.

It can be a bit challenging to decorate a small bedroom but is not impossible to do so. With proper planning and research, you can make your bedroom a beautiful and relaxing space for you. You can decorate the room using the points above but do not forget that this is your own personal space and you can jazz it up the way you want. You can pick any aesthetic for your room and create your own space and place that will be relaxing and soothing for you.

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