Ideas to work with on kids’ bathrooms

If you have a separate space when it comes to kids’ bathrooms and want to decorate the space in a way that is kid-friendly, then you need to be creative. You need to make the bathroom that your kid would be happy to be in and make the space easily accessible to you at the same time. You cannot lower the sink, or change the tub size but you can change the mirror, the paint, the shower curtain and so many other things that can change a dull bathroom into a colorful one representing your kid’s ideas and likings. There are many ideas going around in the mind of your child and sometimes you can add those ideas into the bathroom to make a core memory for them.
1: Nautical mirror for a ship lover

If your kid has a love for the sea and ships and has all the toys and likes in that area then you can take it a notch and decorate your kid’s bathroom with that theme. You need to have some blue and white strip nautical shower curtains along with nautical mirrors on the wall. Well, a nautical mirror is something that resembles the glass in the ship or a cruise with metallic framing and you can add the same in your kid’s bathroom.
2: All-pink bathroom

Here is a dream bathroom that you can create for your kid. If your kid is a huge fan of this pretty color then why not use it to decorate their bathroom with it? You can go with an all-pink bathroom, with a pink rug, pink wallpaper or paint, pink shower curtains, pink toiletries, and all the other things that would add to the pink theme of the bathroom. If you have a small kid that cannot reach the sink then you can also get a cute pink small two-foot ladder.
3: 3d printed shower curtains

Well, let us add a new twist to the bathroom and make the area seem a bit surreal. Which can be done by using the 3d printed things. To make the bathroom fun for your kids you can use 3d printed curtains that would be related to things they like or their favorite cartoon. These 3d printed curtains add a beautiful and unique element to the bathroom making it interesting for the kids.
4: Neon light pendants

Even adults love to have pendant lights and especially neon lights. How about you use them in your kid’s bathroom and decorate the area? These lights can be bought online or can get them customized. You can get these lights and adorn the bathroom to make the space light up with these cool colors and also cool designs. You can go for a cloud, a flower, a name, a cartoon character, or many other options to select from.
5: Cartoon-shaped rugs

Well, kids love cartoons and animated movies. They love to get toys and plushies related to their favorite cartoon. How happy would they get if you get them a rug or a shower mat of the same character? They would love going to the bathroom just to look at the rug. Kids are easy to make happy and there are little things that can make them super happy such as having many things of their favorite cartoons thus you can decorate the bathroom with such things.

Create a beautiful bathroom for your kids that would have all their favorite things and have the colors and themes that they like. This is to make them get excited to use the bathroom, bathe, and be ready for bed after brushing their teeth. You can add all the vibrant colors, wallpapers, mats, shower curtains, floaties, and all the other things that would make the space feel comfortable for them. You can also extend the theme that is going in the kid’s bedroom and use it in the adjacent bathroom. The list above has some of the many ideas that you can go with. Ask your kids and let them be involved in all the things as well.

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