Mistakes people make when sprucing the house in an eclectic style

Electric style is adding quirky and fun colors, patterns, prints, and textures together in a space and making them work. This is the style where you can work freely without worrying about any print and pattern or mix and matching different things together, you still need to look that the ideas you go with and the patterns and prints you are using to style the house blend together and make the space look amazing. This style uses all different kinds of prints thus it is important to make sure that the interior looks good and is not overwhelming. There are so many times when certain prints do not go with others or the space is congested. Look at the list and avoid the mistakes when decorating a house in an eclectic style.
1: Putting everything in the room

People think of eclectic style as a style where you can just select all the different prints and patterns and can then use them in the room. They do not plan things and that might lead them to work with a lot of patterns in one area, creating an overwhelming space. You need to look for patterns and prints that would look good together and would make the piece look nice before finalizing them.
2: Not deciding on a signature color to go with

One of the mistake people do a lot is they use as many colors as they want in the room without having a signature color to bind all the other colors together. People just go with the colors they like and all those colors then feel like secondary colors without having anything binding them together for them to work well. This can lead to the room looking shabby. Thus you should select one color for the room and then select other colors around.
3: Not paying attention to the scale

Eclectic style does mean that you would be using a lot of prints and patterns that would then make the space look great but at the same time, this might lead to the room looking much smaller or bigger. You need to keep the scale in mind when you are looking for different decorative elements in the room. There are going to be prints, textures, furniture and so much more in the room that can look tidy when in scale.
4: decorating in a maximalist style

People confuse eclectic style with maximalist style. These two are different styles and thus should be treated so. You cannot style the other with the elements used in another style. You have to work and learn about the different styles and how to compare them so that you can work on the house and decorate the interior with the style you like and not others.
5: Being rigid about rules

You can be a bit flexible with the rules that are used in every style when it comes to decorating your house with them. You can place things that do not go with the style but hold some value to the person. You can add more to the style by adding some touches to your personality and making the house look amazing. There are so many things that you might like when it comes to interior design. You can go with a vintage piece that you love or can go with a stylish decor piece to adorn the place.

These mistakes can commonly be found in houses decorated in this style, making it difficult to style up the house and make the area look stunning. This is the style where you can go with any and all kinds of prints and patterns and thus it is necessary to know some of the things when it comes to decorating the house so that you do not miss the opportunity to decorate the space in a beautiful manner and to avoid making the area look bad and congested. This list is a great way for you to make your house style up in a better eclectic style.

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