Popular window designs that you can install in your house

Windows are an essential part of the house as they provide you with natural light in the house and also provide you with fresh air from outside. These are a great light source during the day and make the room feel spacious. Windows are a significant investment that not only makes the area feel better but also adds to the beauty of the room. They also allow you to decorate the surrounding area. You can add curtains, fairy lights, vines and so much more around the windows. It is important to have a good amount of windows in the house and at least one or two in each room. If you are renovating the house or are installing windows in your house then you need to know the different kinds of windows that you can have in your house.
1: Double-hung

This is one of the famous windows that are used by a lot of people. These types of windows have two parts and can be opened from the bottom or can be moved down from the top. This way you can open the window as you wish and get the fresh air inside the house. This style of window can helo you in cleaning it properly as well. You can use these windows in the living room or in your bedrooms.
2: Slider

As the name suggests this window is the type that slides from one side to another horizontally, from left to right, and vice versa. These kinds of windows are a great source of ventilation and light. Usually, these windows only have a simple frame and glass all over which becomes a great source of light that can be utilized in the room. These kinds of windows usually have two panels but you can have more as well. You need to clean the windows regularly to keep them clean and to make sure that the panels slide effortlessly.
3: Single hung

These are similar to the one mentioned above, the double-hung windows. However, as the name tells these windows only have one panel moving while the other one, usually the top panel remains stationary. You can move the lower panel and move it up to allow the ventilation. This type of window is used in bedrooms and small rooms and spaces, this provides the right amount of air that is needed in these small spaces while making the area bright and spacious.
4: Casement

These types of windows are hinged to one side and can be opened outwards. These windows open like a door and thus provide you with better ventilation. There are several areas in the house where you can use these kinds of casement windows and decorate the area. These windows provide you with a nice decore element as well. They provide you with air and light and are easy to use but the only problem that can arise with these windows is that you need to be careful when the weather is not right.
5: Bay window

These windows are the one that has a large center panel and two smaller ones that are attached to them at an angle creating a nice dimension to the place. They make the area feel bigger and brighter. Usually, you cannot open the center window and they are just to make the space brighter. The ones attached to the side can be open depending on the type of window you installed. These windows look great in a bedroom to add a window seat or in the kitchen or living room.

These are some of the ways you can decorate the house with some stylish windows. Look for what kind of windows you feel looks great in your house and what would go the best with the decor and style. Try to use one or two designs of windows to maintain uniformity in the outer look of the house. There are several different types of windows and some doors as well such as french doors and others that can help in decorating the house and making it look great. Look for those kinds of windows that are easy to use and adorn the place.

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