Revamping the pool patio

A pool in your backyard elevates the whole look of the house. You can get creative with the pool and design it in the shape you want or can design a dreamy patio to make your pool straight out of some movie or hotel. Getting a pool is easy but maintaining the pool and the area surrounding the pool can be a tedious task. It sometimes gets so overwhelming that people tend to neglect the area surrounding the pool and that leads to an untidy look. Use some décor ideas and give your pool area a makeover and see the difference it can create. If you are planning on renovating the pool patio then look at the ideas mentioned below:


Get yourself a poolside hangout

Poolside hangout space is a good way to utilize the space available. This makes the pool an easy and merry place to hang out for. Hangouts give a fun angle to a pool. This makes people spend more time with friends and family comfortably under a covered roof and enjoy the pool as well as the shade. Furnish it with some comfortable furniture such as a couch, table, chairs, a small fireplace or tv and a dine-in area or a bar all you want. This hang-out gives a really good outlook to the pool.


Eliminating the clutter

If you have a large family or kids in your family then the pool area will be cluttered with a lot of toys either thrown around or floating around in the pool. A pool also means a lot of pool supplies that are used to clean and maintain hygiene. Certain pools have heating systems and all those require some area or a shed to keep them. Therefore, it is better to build a shed near the pool area to keep the supplies and utilities and the pool toys that float around in the pool. This shed will help declutter and make the whole area look a lot tidier. 


A poolside changing area

With a shed, you should try to get yourself a small compact changing area near the pool. You can either create a shed with changing area and room for storage or can build these two differently. A changing area near the pool will be convenient and comfortable as you will be saved a trip back in the house to change clothes. Get creative with these sheds and create a unique shed for your poolside. 



This element adds a bit of luxury and grandeur to the whole look of the pool. While not used during the day this makes the pool glow at night. You can use this element the way you want and experiment with all the different ways to install them. You can embed them under the water and make the pool glow at night or can create your own design as to where to embed these lights. You can even use different sorts of lights. Use those color-changing lights and create your color scheme. Light the whole poolside and create a magical atmosphere.



To finish the whole look, decorate your poolside with some plants and add colors to it. Look for the one that can thrive in your surroundings and plant them near the pool. You can also use those climbers or hanging plants and decorate the hangout shed with those. See to it to plant those that don’t shed a lot. You can also plant some fruit-bearing plants in pots and keep them near the pool. This will provide a new color to the scene and also some fresh fruits that can be used as a delicious snack.

You can create a new bright and magical poolside with some decorating ideas. The above-given ideas with your own creativity can do wonders and bring out a new poolside. You can use other decorative elements to decorate it as well. Why settle for a simple, standard pool and the area surrounding it when you can give it a new touch and create a grand unique pool with an exceptionally beautiful pool patio. Customize the clubhouse and the shed and convert your vision into reality.

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