Some of the common mistakes when decorating a place

A home is a place where you feel like need to relax and be at ease and at the same time you feel the need to create your style and decorate the place according to your personality and aesthetic. When trying to style the space people sometimes overdo the interior that making it look unorganized and messy. Try looking for styles that go with the area available. For example, if you have a small space then go for some minimal furniture and multifunctional furniture and vice versa.

If you are planning on decorating your place then look for the below-mentioned list to know about the mistakes you must avoid to make your place sleek and beautiful.


Overdoing any trend

Trends are always changing and sometimes there is this one trend that’s gets stuck in everyone’s mind. If you have such a trend in your mind that you want to style your room in, then make sure to go with the trend but never overdo the thing. People tend to forget that not every space is similar and the trend may not look good in the space provided. Do not get obsessed with a particular trend and try to incorporate your essence into it. You can customize the stuff used in that particular trend according to your needs and the space available.


Having same height furniture

Having the same height furniture all around the room can make the interior less interesting and can make the room plain and simple. If you want some element in the room, try working with different heights of furniture. For example, in the living room, the couches and sofas have a different height than the chairs and tables and the same goes for other rooms. Make sure to work with the height available in the room. If you have a low ceiling room then look for some low furniture and if you have a high ceiling then you can go experiment with different tall furniture.


Having less amount of light

Lighting can make or break the look of the room. If you have ample source of light then even without doing much, the room can look brighter and spacious. But if you have decorated the place with all the furniture and scents you want and then the lighting is low that it cannot justify the beauty of the décor, it makes the place dull. Make sure to have a natural source of light in the room and also have a lot of other lights to provide brightness in dark and make the room bright and clear.


Using the only one-color scheme

Going monochrome is one thing but doing it in excess can ruin the whole look of the room. Doing it in excess means getting the walls painted, furniture, rugs, lights, everything in the shades of that one color. Go monochrome but when going monochrome try incorporating a few pops of other colors to add some weight and vibrance to the room. You can use colors that complement the shades you are going after or the one in contrast with it.


Putting the accents without proper planning

Plan before hanging anything on the walls or even putting up stuff on shelves. You may or may not ruin the look by hanging posters and art on the wall without a proper plan. Suppose, you have a large framed picture you want to hang but the area available on the wall is just the same area as that of the picture, then that will make the room feel crowded and similarly hanging a very small picture on a wide wall can make the room feel empty. Plan and measure the area available and then hang all different pictures and artworks.

These are some of the mistakes you should avoid when designing and decorating your space. These are often not talked about and when you tend to make these mistakes, it leads to the places looking plain and without any vibrance and depth. Look for different ways you can adorn the place and give it a nice homely and cozy vibe. You can choose from all different types of aesthetics such as vsco, dark academia, the 90s, and many more. Give your best in creating a room that is all about your vibe and personality.

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