The Phenomenal No Soil & Maintenance-Free Way to Grow Houseplants

Don’t feel flabbergasted yet.

Yes, it’s phenomenal to use hydroponics gardening, a way to grow your plants in just water!

hydroponics method is an easy way to grow plants without soil and absolutely zero maintenance whatsoever. Isn’t this an ideal solution for the people who love houseplants but hate when their loving plants are treated like garbage by some rubbish roommates?

Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. This article will assist you in finding the right balance and will cover all your questions about Hydroponics.

Given below are certain herbs and houseplants that can easily survive on just water.

The main pros of the Hydroponics method are Pet-Friendly, Low-maintenance, and some stunning home décor arrangements.

Let us explore

  • A normal plant needs water, oxygen, micro, and macronutrient, and support media like soil to bind
  • The normal plants achieve the nutrients and support via soil
  • A hydroponic plant on the other hand do not require soil because we put artificial nutrient-rich water, and the vase shape is a bottleneck that supports the stem and keeps it upright
  • One of the leading causes of houseplants death is Over and Under Watering, Hydroponics eliminate this method
  • It also makes the plant healthier as no soil means fewer chances of pest infections
  • In the name of daily maintenance, just refill the hydroponics water once a month

The next question that arises is how to set it up?

Well, it is just a matter of few steps to self-assemble the hydroponics unit. It’s just a matter of few minutes and the right approaches to these ever-easy Hydroponic plants set up.

There are many YouTube videos to assist you through the process. It is as easy as that.

  • Choose a plant or see our recommendations below. “Cut off a section just below the leaf, where the plant’s natural rooting hormone is active,” advises the hydroponics chamber of research HCR.
  • With your cut still fresh, simply place the plant segment into the glass container having water
  • Choosing the correct vessel is critical to the process that will likely support the plant stem. Some usual vessels have a thinner neck that is likely to support the plant, like the Heimelig rounded glass vases.
  • Another key aspect is the water itself which will also provide all kinds of nutrients to the plant so it is critical and righteous to check the water quality.
  • Normal tap water is not good as they lack all nutrients due to chlorination and many filtration steps, so using bottled spring water or well water is a good option then tap one.

After the basic setup is done, just see the plant showing signs of rooting (usually after 2 weeks). If the water is low, simply top with bottled water.

Another crucial list and thing are to choose some plants that are shown to be grown much easily using hydroponics.

The list below covers them exclusively. These are more beginner-friendly approaches to the hydroponics setup and can be used as such.

Once again it is not an exhaustive list, but some easy recommendations from Officials at Apartment Therapy.


  • Mint
  • Oregano
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Sage


  • English Ivy
  • Philodendron
  • Coleus
  • Fiddle leaf fig
  • Begonia
  • Geranium
  • Spider plants
  • Jade
  • Peace Lily

Some common problems are there depending on plant types and your water type. If you live in the soft water area, there is a chance of Algae Formation on the vases, so yes in that case it is important to clean the plants regularly.

One of the ways to control Algae is by taking a Copper Wire and dropping it after twisting it. Copper ions will avoid algae blooms.

Philodendron is the most common plant grown and some people are growing for more than 35 years+

Who should not use Hydroponics?

  • Not all plants can be grown using hydroponics which limits its uses
  • Hydroponics needs a bit of more technical knowledge Vs. growing in the soil so make sure you research beforehand
  • Don’t use it to replace all other plants in your house or use it as the sole method of growth as the plant’s genetic types will be similar and if any pest attacks, whole plants will suffer
  • The costlier and less commercial value of produce than soil methods

This rightly concludes the article. We learn about hydroponics which is an amazing new technique, but not too friendly for naysayers as it requires a bit more knowledge initially though less maintenance afterward.

In short, if done right, there is no technique as amazing and nice to cultivate herbs and for home décor.

With practice, one will understand the ways for more growth and yield. Hydroponics is a growing industry and there’s something new coming each day to reduce cons and increase pros.

For home décor (Indoor), however, it’s a better option than the traditional one due to a lot less maintenance and soilless plant growth.

Keep practicing, keep learning

Thanks for reading

Happy Decorating to new ideas!

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