Top 10 Ultra-Stunning Interior Design & Home Décor Websites

Interior design is a form of art and science that has been practiced for centuries. It’s based on the idea that beauty can be created by arranging space, light, color, texture, and objects in a way that enhances people’s lives.

Home décor refers to the decorative items used inside a home or other living space. This includes furniture such as sofas and armchairs; soft furnishings like curtains; wall coverings such as wallpaper or paint; floor coverings such as carpets and rugs; windows treatments like blinds or shutters; lighting fixtures including lamps and chandeliers.

The term also encompasses exterior design elements including garden design (hardscaping) with plants, flowers, trees, etc., landscaping (softscaping) of the exterior of a building or home, and interior design such as furniture (often referred to as “residential furniture”), windows, wall hangings, and other decorative features.

It is easier to search for home décor on the internet because it saves you time from having to go out in the market looking for the right one.

Web-based stores have a wide variety of packages for home décor and some even offer customization options so it is easier for the customer to get exactly what they want.


1. Decorator’s Best

DecoratorsBest offers a range of products, from oriental rugs to wall coverings and wallpaper. They offer choices in every decorating style including Arts and Crafts, Hispanic, Traditional French, Ranch, Country & Western, and more.

The site ships around the world and provides free shipping for orders over $100.

The site has been operating since 1996 for online sales of supplies for interior design professionals. They have an extensive range of fabric and drapery fabrics from leading manufacturers.


2. Libbey

Libbey is a family-owned company that manufactures glassware, dishware, and stone products. The brand has been around since 1818.

The company offers Libbey glassware, stone pieces such as wine coolers and ice buckets, and other home décor items.

Libbey also manufactures Cooks Standard cookware. The company distributes its products to customers in North America through various retailers including Walmart, Target, Sears, Amazon, and others.

  • Free delivery over $50
  • 200 years+ long history


3. Benchmademodern

Benchmade Modern is a Bend, Oregon-based company that manufactures custom furniture with the help of local craftsmen.

They have taken the process of purchasing custom furniture to a new level. Accurate measurements are taken and it’s made to order!

Custom Sofas & Custom Sectionals – Design Your Dream Sofa – BenchMade Modern. Custom Benches, Outdoor Furniture & Custom Chairs – BenchMade Modern. Custom Office Desks – Design A Desk from Wood Pieces You Pick – BenchMade Modern


4. Lightning Reimagined by Littman Bros. Company

Littman Bros. Company provides lighting to people in the commercial and residential sectors.

The company is known for designing high-quality fixtures such as their popular Pendant Series, which features designs on both sides of the fixture.

  • Experience Modern Luxury Lighting with Lighting
  • See a huge plethora of lightning products for stunning interior designs and home décor
  • Buy more save more via $1000 spending, get 15% off and 20% off on spending $2000+
  • Schedule an easy free virtual consultation through their website
  • Easy returns and complimentary shipping
  • Shop for Ceiling chandeliers, pendants, other ceiling light fixtures, wall lights such as display lighting, Outdoor lights like chandeliers, landscape lighting, Portable fans, and misc. fans


5. MaidenHome

Maiden Home is a resource for the modern home that provides a wide range of handcrafted luxury pieces with a contemporary design.

The website offers pieces that are made from reclaimed wood, hand-stitched linen, and other natural materials. For the contemporary homeowner, Maiden Home also has affordable products for every room in the house.

It is hard to deny that Maiden Home appeals to the modern home by providing luxurious products that are all handmade with care.

This company is talented at designing homes with high-quality furnishings and cares about making sure you get the most from what you pay for.

This company does not only produce custom furniture, but they have also taken on modern requests such as using wear-resistant materials for places such as the park, pool, and more.

They have a comprehensive line of products that will appeal to everyone from the modern homeowner to interior decorators who are looking for valuable pieces that are both practical and stylish.

  • Free Shipping
  • White-Glove Delivery
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • 30-day Returns
  • Handcrafted luxuries for modern home range


6. Alexander James

AJs are a direct source for anyone wanting to beautify their space with hard surface floor and wall coverings.

  • A huge store of stunning and exquisite tiles
  • Factory direct tile
  • 1000+ tile designs in stock
  • Easy and online ordering
  • Sign up for the newsletter and get a 10% off coupon code in your inbox


7. Govee

According to Govee spokesperson, “Making Life Smarter perfectly encapsulates what we’ve been doing at Govee since November 2017.

We create cutting-edge LED lights and smart home devices that transform traditional ways of living. We do this by being customer-obsessed. We do this by committing to unparalleled R&D. We do this by demonstrating integrity, boldness, and passion in everything we produce.

Becoming a leader in the strip light industry is not just about reinventing traditional lifestyles but also pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in smart devices.

We value innovativeness and will continue providing excellent customer service while creating colorful and safe products that succeed in Making Life Smarter.”

  • Fast Shipping
  • 1-year Warranty
  • Lifetime customer support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


8. Miro

As per Miro’s technical description, Miro home appliances are modular which makes them the cleanest home appliances in the world.

Miro humidifiers and air purifiers are perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, large rooms, and small rooms.

Miro air purifiers and humidifiers are best for removing smoke odor, pet dander, dust particles, and other small pollutants in the presence of normal humidity.

Miro air purifier and humidifier, help you breathe better by keeping your home clean, dry, and fresh. Miro systems also increase your overall comfort by ensuring that the humidity level is optimal.

  • Free Fast Shipping


9. NovoGratz

One of the best websites for your home décor is Shop the Novogratz.

They have a wide variety of furniture, lighting, artwork, and more. With all that, they have to offer you are sure to find something perfect for your home.

Their pieces are designed to be unique and elegant. They also have a wide variety of vases, mirrors, and other home accessories available on their website.


10. Aosom features the best furniture at the best prices. They have affordable sofas, sectionals, and dining room sets for everyone’s needs and preferences.

The company also offers outdoor furniture that will be perfect for any outdoor activity.

  • Free Shipping on all orders
  • 30-day return policy
  • Fast order processing
  • Secure checkout


The best way to find a website that offers the products and services you’re looking for is by doing your own research.

This blog post has given you 10 great options, but there are many more out there waiting to be explored!

One another best way to find the perfect interior design or home décor website for your needs is by knowing what you’re looking for.

That’s why we compiled this list of 10 great websites so that you can spend less time searching and more time shopping.

Whether it be a new rug, furniture set, bedding, or wallpaper – these sites have something fabulous waiting just for you!

Happy Shopping

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