Home Depot’s Top 12-selling product categories

Home Depot, the largest name for home improvement retailer in The United States needs no formal introduction. Founded in 1978, the company has from then on become a household name.

Home Depot became the top-earning company in Georgia, where the HQ of the company is there, even surpassing Coca-Cola revenue there! Such massive is Home Depot these days.

Now you can shop online for all your home improvement needs under one roof on a wide variety of categories such as appliances, bathroom decoration, kitchen remodeling, patio furniture, carpeting, power tools, BBQ grills, etc.

Being a big name is not so easy and we are hereby giving you some of its best performing categories every year.

Let’s see what are those top 12 product selling categories that give most to home-Depot (Data taken from Statista and other statistics websites; prediction done on y-o-y basis)

1. Outdoor Gardens and Patio–

With changing times the needs of individuals are changed too. From early man to modern man, things are once again towards traditionalism.

An individual is now looking for those backyard kitchens, modular open kitchens, and outdoor barbecue sessions such as using portable pizza machines.

This theory also goes practical with the sales figures from the outdoor garden category.

In 2014, the sales in Outdoor gardens were at over $6 billion in revenue and showed slight growth year by year.

In the subsequent years, the growth was just about average and reached approx. $7 billion in 2018.

However, after that with more and more people becoming aware, and the rising information about products allowed Home Depot, to touch the $9.5 Bn marks in 2021 in just 3 years, and in 2022, it’s expected to cross the $10 Bn mark easily.

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2. Indoor Garden –

The indoor garden comes with one of the highest revenue providers for Home Depot.

The indoor garden comes with many décor products for the beautification of indoor gardens including high-end fountains to beautifully decorated vases, they’ve got a huge range whatsoever.

The net revenue in 2014 was around $7Billion from Indoor gardening which reached as high as $9 in 2018 and the next 3 years cleared over $14.2 Billion in revenues in 2021 and is expected to cross $16 Bn for Home Depot.

Indoor gardening has shown much more prominent growth than any other category out there.

So, go ahead and choose from the wide categories which are booming in revenue every year.

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3. Appliances –

Refrigerators, Dishwashers, washing machines, and other huge equipment have given amazing growth rates and the data showed very smooth growth year-on-year for this category.

Appliances are critical for especially for commercial and home spaces. Homes use more appliances than commercial usage.

In 2014, the Appliance category made around $5billion in revenues for the company, and by 2021, in 7 years, the company more than doubles its Appliance revenue reaching over $12 Billion in revenue.

Seeing the trend, it’s likely that it will actually cross around $14 billion in sales for 2022.

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4. Paint

– Painting is an important industry and with easy DIY kits around, people are more and more trying by themselves to do some home painting.

Construction industry workers are also among the lot buying paint-related items.

The painting industry unlike others has not shown huge changes in buying nature but increasing at an average pace y-o-y.

In 2014, a whopping $7Billion, the paint industry contributed to Home Depot and reached $10 billion in revenue after 7 years in 2021.

Showing a linear acceleration, it is expected to reach around $11.5 Bn in 2022 Paint category revenue.

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5. Lumber Industry

Lumber has also shown some excellent growth, especially in the 2020-2021 year.

Wood is an essential material in building and various others, more in the construction industry.

However, it has more to do with the furniture industry where Lumbar is the main need.

Like any other construction-related category, this has also shown a great increase in the overall growth pattern.

In 2015, the Lumber industry made a revenue of around $6bn and almost doubled it to $11.5 billion by 2021, most interesting thing was revenue decreased in 2020 from $8.3 Bn to $7.8 Bn and finally increased to over $11.3 Bn.

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6. Tools –

When other construction-related industries were increasing their revenue then how can tools be a far-choice?

It’s self-explanatory, tools especially drillers and toolboxes showed a regular increase in revenue.

Home Depot offers many heavy, medium, and light tools to start with your DIY construction or home décor journey.

The tools category started with $5 Billion in revenue in 2014 and more than doubled up by reaching around $10.6 Billion in 2021.

Predictions are the same and it’s expected to cross the $11.8 Billion mark

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7. Flooring –

Home Depot has all flooring options like vinyl, laminate, hardwood, etc. Every flooring has its own pros and cons and can be reviewed easily on home depot.

DIY makes it easy to do it by yourself.

Flooring has not shown some very fast or very accelerated growth in revenues but is growing at a decent rate.

In 2014, the revenue was $5.7 Billion then growing at a decent rate finally reached as high as $8.2 Billion in the next 7 years.

Around 1.3x growth in 7 years. So, in 2022 a revenue of around $8.5 Bn is expected to take the leverage.

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8. Kitchen & Bath –

It’s a very massive one. Includes many sub-categories like kitchen remodeling, kitchen white tops, bathroom remodeling, other similar more than 100 subcategories.

In 2014, kitchen and bath were one of the biggest revenue makers for Home Depot and have picked up from that a decent enough range.

The products have also multiplied since then and the category now needs more diversification. However, Kitchen & Bath category is expected to make around $9 Bn in revenue up from $6.3 Billion in 2014.

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9. Plumbing –

Plumbing involves several plumbing tools and equipment. Some technical plumbing items also come under plumbing such as gaskets, faucets, O-rings, etc.

Home depot has given importance to home plumbing by incorporating some DIY videos for easy plumbing access.

The plumbing is expected to give over $10 Billion in revenue for the year 2022.

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10. Building materials –

The building materials involve masonry and construction-related materials, which is a unique Home-Depot exclusive as you can get every home-related thing under one roof. You can also do a comparison and see for yourself which is the best building material.

The building material industry began with around $5.8 Billion in revenue and now has reached over $8.6 Billion.

The expected 2022 revenue is around $9.5 billion which is great as a building material industry.

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A quick look through the rest 2 highest selling product categories –

11. Hardware –

Hardware is a massive selling product category.

Includes door locks, doorknobs, smart locks, cabinet hardware, furniture hardware, fasteners, safety equipment, mailboxes, safes, tie-down straps, chains and ropes, weather stripping, metal stocks as some of the top-selling products.

Almost 1.8x revenue jump from $4.6 Bn in 2014 to $7.7Bn in 2021. Seeing the trend, expect it to cross $8.5Bn for 2022

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12. Electrical

The data for electrical revenue sales are only available up till the 2018 year due to some changes and merging with others.

Electrical includes Electric switches, Electrical Wire & Cable, Electrical tools & accessories, Home security & video surveillance, fire safety, wall switch plates, extension cords, light bulbs, home electronics range, electrical boxes, smart home, breakers, load centers, renewable energy, conduit, lighting, ceiling fans, and commercial lighting as some of the top ones.

It’s expected to give over $7Bn in 2022.

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This was an overview of Home Depot’s top 12 product selling categories. These categories have shown tremendous results for the past many years and then the trend will continue as such.

Home décor and outdoor gardening are likely to be stars of 2022 and will top the market in 2022.

Home depot has a huge plethora of products containing many new categories. However, the popularity of these categories and their sub-niches is most conclusive.

Buy for yourself and become a part of this huge home improvement chain that has helped many people for improving their lives.

Be proactive and have home depot be your home improvement friend for your whole life.

Happy shopping

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