Top 23 Mega-Phenomenal Sites You Need to Know Before You Renovate

The internet is a vast and incredible place. It’s got everything you need to make your life more awesome than it already was, or if that wasn’t possible, even more awesome.

But with so much on the internet these days it can be hard to find the best of the best. That’s why we created this list–to save you time and help you find what you want faster!

So, without further ado, here are 23 Mega-Phenomenal Sites You Need to Know Before You Renovate.

Let’s get started,


1. Vivint

Shop for Cutting-edge door security cameras with innovative features that come very handy.

The Vivint SkyBell HD is a great device for monitoring your door. It features two-way audio, 1080p video, and a motion sensor that sends alerts to your phone whenever there is movement outside.

The Ring video doorbell is a convenient way to see who’s at the door without needing to be there. You can set it up and monitor your front door from anywhere, and you’ll receive instant alerts whenever someone comes to visit.


2. Sunpower

Clean energy is sustainable and might even give more energy savings depending on usage

SunPower is a solar company that offers residential and commercial power services to all fifty states.

In the last thirty years, SunPower has been investing in research and development and creating new technologies to improve the efficiency of solar panels.

They have also been able to work with the government to provide a cost-effective affordable source of clean energy for homes.


3. BellHop

BELLHOP is an online platform that connects local movers with customers. It provides the customer, through its website, with a list of recommended movers in their area.

All of the movers are screened and vetted beforehand to make sure they are qualified for the job. Customers can then choose a mover from the list provided or select “FIND ANOTHER MOVER” to find someone, not on the list.

The customer will then be redirected to a page where they can see all of the moving quotes provided by their selected movers.

The quotes are updated in real-time so if one mover changes their price, it will automatically update for all other customers as well.

Customers can then choose whichever mover they want and book them for the date of their choosing.

All payments are made through BELLHOP and the payment is only released to the mover once the customer confirms that they are 100% satisfied with their service.


4. BioBidet

“Bio Bidet is a company that specializes in smart toilet seats and bidet attachments.

Bio Bidet has been in the industry since 2003 and is continuously striving to provide customers with the best products possible.

Our company believes that all of their customers deserve the best seat for their own toilet at an affordable price. We take pride in supplying these products at competitive prices.”

  • Exclusive Honor club offers
  • Live Chat


5. Laurel Creek Software

Precision Tile Pro is the best and most affordable tile layout and design software available.

It is an easy-to-use program that can be downloaded in less than 10 minutes. The program includes full customization capabilities for creating a design for any room size.

The program has been designed with the professional in mind by including the necessary tools for cutting, measuring, and calculating tile work and they are all at your fingertips.


6. is a famous company that sells framed prints, wall art, canvas paintings, and decorative artwork for sale on the internet. also has various other categories like posters, decorating kits, and gallery-wrapped canvas prints. has all the art you need for any home décor project, no matter how big or small.

Having a living room that makes your guests’ eyes pop with excitement and having your house completely decked out in awesome wall art is every person’s dream at some point in their life.

If you want to get amazing wall decorations on sale, then is the place to look at because they have products from famous artists for sale as well as products created by artists online who are looking to sell their artwork.

When shopping online, it is often difficult to see an exact image of what you are purchasing so, therefore, many people avoid doing so if they can help it but when shopping at you can see exactly what you are purchasing because it is a website that showcases photographs of everything they have to offer. has over 25,000 artists and their artwork on display and for sale so whether you are looking to buy a painting or just some wall decorations, this terrific site will be able to meet your needs.


7. Annke

ANNKE is a company that manufactures and distributes security products. They have been in the security industry for over forty years.

They specialize in CCTV surveillance systems, video analytics, IP surveillance cameras, and complete security solutions.

They design products that help customers to manage and monitor the security of their buildings and facilities. ANNKE has won many awards for being a leading manufacturer in CCTV technology.


8. Brondell

– Brondell is a company that provides home and personal care products. They offer a wide range of innovative, award-winning products.

Their products include air purifiers, bidet toilet seats, water filters, and reverse osmosis units. They also offer a wealth of information on their site, including the history of toilets, the bacteria in public restrooms, and how to properly clean your toilet.

If you have any questions or concerns about these products, they will be happy to answer them via email.


9. AllPosters is a perfect place to buy posters that are affordable and of good quality. Here you can find a vast selection of posters, wall art prints, framed canvas paintings, and other products in different sizes, shapes, styles, and prices.

All Posters is the best place to find original wall art decoration ideas on sale.

Not just specific to posters, this site sells awesome prints of almost any kind. From old to new or from urban to countryside scenery, they’ve got them all.

If you’re looking for a creative and budget-friendly gift idea for your friend who loves art stuff, then this is where you should go.


10. SmartHome

The SmartHome website is a one-stop-shop for smart home products from ADT, Google Home, Kwikset, Lutron, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, and many more.

With the help of SmartHome, you’ll learn how to take control of your home and make it a smarter place to live using the security features like Keyless Entry, Video Doorbells, and Wireless Connected Cameras, or by using the convenience features like voice-controlled lights or doorbells.


11. Tile & Floor Superstore

For over 35 years, Tiles | Floors | Tile & Floor Superstore® has been one of America’s leading flooring suppliers. The company is one of the most successful and respected flooring retailers in the nation. Tiles | Floors | Tile & Floor Superstore® has revolutionized the flooring industry by becoming the first company to sell directly to consumers over the internet.

Tile and Floor Superstore® is a leading manufacturer of a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial flooring products. You can buy a tile on their site directly and see a plethora of options.


12. Truman’s

As per Truman’s latest open letter, “We founded Truman’s in 2018 with a mission of moving industry in a more sustainable direction. From day one, our focus was to change cleaning. And now we’re proud to announce we’ve sold the world-changing technology to a global company that can achieve that mission.

This means Truman’s technology you love will now be part of that company—think of new categories, new countries, and more distribution. The technology and formulas that you’ve come to love will be available globally under the brand of this new company. As a result of this, Truman’s-branded cleaning products will no longer be available.”


13. Clear Rear

Clear Rear Bidet is a company that focuses on toilet hygiene. They offer products that will help make clean up after use easier than ever before.

The Clear Rear Bidet team has spent months researching the best products they could find, from different companies around the world.

After finding what felt like a million different products on the market, they decided to focus their efforts and attention on a product from Japan that would revolutionize the way we looked at toilet hygiene-the Clear Rear Bidet.

  • Free Shipping on orders $50+
  • Dedicated and fantastic customer care team 24/7
  • 200,000+ satisfied customers all across the globe with cutting-edge and engineered toilet solutions


14. Mimeo

Mimeo Photos: Customize and personalize your photos with Mimeo. You can add text, quotes, shapes, filters, and more.

Why? Photo editing and customization is the most effective way to stand out. Your photos are your business cards, and they speak just as much as you do. Mimeo provides a wide range of tools that help you edit photos in different ways, from personalized text to shapes and filters that makes your photo unique.

The result? You’ll never feel like your photos lack personality again!


15. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a website that connects skilled professionals in your area with clients who need their services. You simply enter the kind of job you need to be done, and it will give a list of professionals in your area who can help.

You can then contact your favorite professionals to set up an appointment.

Thumbtack is a great site for people who don’t want to spend the time calling around or scheduling dozens of consultations, searching high and low for a painter—or worse, getting halfway into a project only to have to find another one because their first choice wasn’t available.

This ingenious service makes it incredibly easy for clients and professionals to connect with one another and helps you find the perfect professional in no time flat.


16. Deep Sentinal

A home security system is a key part of safeguarding your home, your family, and your property. But it’s more than that: It’s peace of mind. That being said, choosing the wrong company can leave you vulnerable so do your homework before you sign up for a plan.

Deep Sentinal does the same with AI and 24×7 live guards doing 2-way communication if any intruder enters providing peace of mind to many individuals and give protection from vandalism, auto-vandalism, package thefts, and other residential crimes.


17. HoSmart

Hosmart is an innovative company that provides a wireless security system for home and business.

The company is a leader in supplying quality security products. Hosmart has a wide range of products that serve the different needs of its customers.

The company offers a wide range of security systems, from CCTV cameras to wireless alarm systems. These products are designed to serve the needs of different kinds of clients, from professional business owners to residential homeowners.

The company is committed to providing top-quality and affordable security systems for its customers.

Hosmart offers a wide range of products that make home or business safe and secure. The company strives to provide excellent customer service at all times.

Hosmart employs highly qualified electronics and CCTV experts who design the systems in accordance with the client’s needs and budget.

The wireless technology used by this firm allows clients to monitor their property at any time using their mobile devices, computers, or tablets.

A wireless security system is ideal for both small businesses and homes because it eliminates the hassle associated with hard-wired which requires installation and reconfiguration.


18. Modernize

Finding the best home improvement contractors near you can be tough and confusing. Modernize is here to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. With access to thousands of providers, we can connect you with the best business for your needs in just a few clicks.

From roofing to landscaping, modernize has the right contractor for every project.

Simply tell us about your project, and one of our builders will reach out to you with a personalized quote within 24 hours – no obligation!


19. LL Flooring

LL Flooring – Wood & Laminate Flooring, Tile & Carpet

LL Flooring offers an extensive selection of flooring types and styles. Our showroom features over 65,000 square feet of inventory, including the latest in hardwood, laminate, and tile.

We also offer carpet products from Shaw Industries. Whether you are looking for flooring for your kitchen or basement remodel project or are outfitting a new home, LL Flooring is the perfect destination for all of your design needs.

We have the largest selection of flooring in Western PA! Our showroom is open to the public Monday through Friday 9 am-6 pm; Saturday 9 am-5 pm; Sunday 12 pm-5 pm.


20. LiveHome3D

The construction of a house depends on the type of house that is needed. The type of construction and its purpose can vary. You can add rooms, change the furniture and paint the walls with Live Home 3D Design App software.

Live Home 3D Design App with its free mode gives you the chance to design your dream house.

There are several things that should be considered before building a home of your own. You need to have a budget, know about construction and also get an idea of how it will look once it is all done.

All these can be done with this handy and easy to use software


21. Make Space Storage

MakeSpace Storage is a company that makes it easy to store and pick up items by making use of the sharing economy.

In their process, they send out movers who will transport all of the unwanted items to their storage facility for free.

Once all of your unwanted items are at the storage facility, MakeSpace Storage will help you figure out how much space you need for the items that remain in your home.

They also offer pickup and delivery so that you don’t have to go anywhere when it’s time to move or throw something away.

MakeSpace Storage is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to declutter but doesn’t want to spend a fortune on basic self-storage facilities.


22. Hidrent

According to Hidrent technical description, “Hidrent connects off-duty firefighters with local homeowners and businesses looking for handyman-type help.

From cleaning gutters, hanging holiday lights, and mounting TVs to installing smoke detectors, moving furniture, and hauling debris, we are the only task-based company focused solely on helping firefighters earn extra money on their days off.”

Pretty awesome isn’t it?


23. Handy

Handy is the leading on-demand home services platform that helps users find reliable, experienced professionals in 150+ service categories to get projects done from anywhere.

With 2 million homeowners, 1,200 service professionals, and 4.5+ million project requests closed in 2017 alone, Handy is trusted by thousands of new users every day to get their projects done faster.


This list of 23 Mega-Phenomenal Sites You Need to Know Before You Renovate is a great place to start your renovation planning.

It’s important that you choose the right sites for your specific needs, but this should give you some good ideas and inspiration about where to look next.

We’ve spent a lot of time researching the web to find the best sites for your renovation needs. Some of them specialize in home improvement, others are just nailing it with their content about renovations and interior design.

Most of them provide thousands upon thousands of ideas, pictures, and inspirations that you can use when planning your renovations project.

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