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Do you have patio furniture or are you someone who travels a lot and stays for a very short time in your house? Furniture present in the house and outside the house needs to be protected from dirt and dust. Also, the furniture outside the house needs to be protected from harsh sun rays, cold snow, and rainfall. When you are at home you may change their location and bring them inside the house or at least under some shed. But what will happen when you are not at home. The moisture that will get collected after rain or the snow that will fall on the furniture might ruin the furniture and reduce its life. It is therefore important to have some sort of covers for your furniture for such an emergency.


If you do not have cover for your furniture, you need not worry as Cover&all got you covered. Cover&all has all sorts of covers for all different types of furniture and even for appliances and machines. You need not worry that you might not get the one you need as they have customization available. You can customize the size, shape, color, and other accessories such as zip, elastic bottom, no tie, tie, grommets, and others. This helps you to get the type of cover you require. Given below is a list of different custom cover that you can get from Cover&all.


Custom square/rectangle covers

These custom-made covers are ideal for protecting stuff kept outside the house. The cover is made up of material that protects the object it is covering from UV rays and harsh weather. You can customize the height, width, and depth of this cover and make sure that the item you need to cover is covered properly with this. You convene to choose the fabric you want according to the weather conditions in your area. You can go for some heat-resistant, tear-resistant, or waterproof material and can also look for different colors. Customize the stuff with any other accessories like zips, drawstrings, grommets, and others. You can cover patio furniture such as tables, sofas chairs or machines, fire pits, and fountains as well. This cover helps you protect almost all the things available in your yard that might get worse if left uncovered. Get yourself this highly durable cover.


Custom Cylinder/round covers

This is similar to the one described above with some differences in appearance and characteristics. This cover is a cylindrical-shaped cover that gives protection and coverage to things that are either cylindrical or similar to the shape of the cover. Here again, you can customize the height and diameter of the cover and get it made just the way you need. How long or broad you want. This cover is made up of material that is waterproof and dustproof making it ideal to be used outdoor to protect the items kept in the yard or on the patio. These covers are long-lasting covers that provide protection against dust, wind, rain, and other damages. You can choose from different types of fabric depending upon the exposure the cover will face. You can get a wide range of colors in the covers and can match the cover with the theme of the surroundings or with other already present covers. You can even customize between having a zipper or a Velcro split.


Clear vinyl covers

The covers mentioned above are perfect for outdoors but what if you are shifting or what if you are visiting some other place and want to cover your stuff present indoors such as sofas, tables, etc. Or if you wish to store sometime for the time being but the above-mentioned covers might hide it completely making it difficult for you to differentiate between different products. At that time these custom Vinyl covers come as a great solution. These covers protect the item and are transparent making the product covered in it visible for our convenience. Here too you can customize the height, depth, and width of the cover. This cover is ideal for soft furniture such as sofas, couches, tables, and some machines and appliances that are kept indoor. This cover is a must-buy product. The material used is tear-resistant and is a versatile cover. Just make sure to not keep the cover in extreme heat as it might not be able to handle the extremely high temperature.


Clear vinyl covers- round/cylinder shape

This cover is not much different than the above-mentioned vinyl cover. The only difference between the two is this is a clear vinyl round or cylinder-shaped cover. This is usually used to cover round or cylinder-shaped objects such as lamps, tables, sculptures, and others. This is again ideal for indoor furniture and appliances as the vinyl cover can only bear and withstand heat up to some 100℉. These being waterproof is a great advantage during the rainy season when you have to move stuff from one place to another. These covers snug the item cover perfectly and protect it from dust, dirt, and rain. You can customize and get zippers, grommets, and drawstrings on the cover.


The given above are some of the custom-made covers you can avail of from Cover&all. All you need to do is go to Cover&all and select what shape you want to get. Then you can customize the length, breadth, or radius, all different characteristics such as color, grommets, etc. Cover your furniture and keep them clean and tidy. Cover&all has a great quality of covers for all your furniture and appliances and machine. You can look for what you want and can even get discounts if available. The covers present here are affordable and durable. You need not worry about your things when you cover them up with these customized covers. Hurry and get some good and reasonable-priced covers for your belonging!


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