Types of orchids you need to know for your home

Orchids are one of the most diverse and most-loved species of plants. And approximately there are around 28000 species of orchids and 700 genera and also it is one of the largest plant families if compared to the others. Scientifically, the orchids are found and identified as the characteristic bilateral symmetry of flowers that have upward-facing petals. As we all know growing any kind of plant whether it is an orchid or not, depends upon the geographical and temperature aspects, but in the case of orchids, people tend to keep these tropical orchids as house plants.

Thus, if you are into home gardening, and you want to keep the orchids as the house plants then you must consider these plants once. The plants or to be precise, orchids we are mentioning are great in terms of everything and also are very beautiful as well. Hence, you once consider checking this list out if you are thinking of buying these orchids as your houseplants. You can make sure to buy one of these orchids for the better-looking home and interiors of the home. Therefore, these are the types of orchids you need to know if you are thinking to buy some for the home decor.


Phalaenopsis Orchids

If you are new to the orchids and just want to start out gardening orchids then this orchid is just ideal for you. Phalaenopsis or most commonly known as the moth orchids can tolerate any kind of condition and that is the reason why it is a great one for beginners. These orchids bloom throughout the year and also, they consider the diffused lighting conditions to bloom else they are definitely easy to grow. There are about 75 species of this genus and many of them are readily available cultivars. The basic native areas of the moth orchid are India, China, the Countries of Southeast Asia, and Australia. Moreover, they are usually grown as houseplants only.


Brassavola Orchids

Brassavola orchids are exceptionally fragrant and have white and greenish narrow petals. This orchid smell so good in the evening because that’s when the perfume is released. The color of the petals depends upon the moths for pollination. Approximately, there are around 20 orchid species in this Brassavola genus, and B. Nodosa is one of the easiest species to grow. And this species is basically great for beginners. They usually grow in the native areas of central America and South America, and also, they grow in West Indies. And moreover, these species are normally grown as house plants, and also the height depends upon species. The required sun exposure is basically bright outdoor shade or bright indoor lighting.


Catasetum Orchid

A large number of species within the Catasetum genus are basically famous for their exceptional waxy flowers. If your Catasetum orchid leaves start to yellow and drop off, do not be under stress. This is pretty common for this species and this generally happens in the winters. There is a lot of variation in how different and beautiful Catasetum species look, but a single feature that all these orchids have in common is the trait of producing male or female flowers. And all those have a great resemblance with one another. The male flowers of this orchid have an anatomical trigger that forcefully ejects pollen onto the bees that are visiting the plant.


Cycnoches Orchid

This orchid is known as the swan orchid as well as elegant inflorescence of male flowers exactly look like a swan’s neck. There are basically around 40 species that are here in this orchid family or Cycnoches genus. Also, there are approximately 30 spice-scented flowers that grow on the long-lived stem. The basic and the most important tip if you are new to the orchid is that this Cycnoches orchid requires a dry period. It must be allowed a dry period once the flowering is completed. Generally, this orchid is found in the native areas of Mexico, Central, and South America.

Hence, these were some of the orchids that are great in terms of beauty and exaggerating the beauty of your homes. Also, if we talk a little about the other orchids that are great for the home décor and are also very great for the beginners and hence you can make sure to buy these orchids for your homes.

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