Unique food table ideas to enhance the wedding decor

Decoration does not only consists of tables and carpets, lights and tents when it comes to weddings. It consists of everything there in the venue. Even the food. Selecting the menu is in itself a tedious task that you need to do with proper care. After the selection, the planner and decorator have to look for the decor. You need to make sure that the food is placed in the right way, that they have all the things needed, the way it is presented and so much more. There are simple and plain ways to keep the food area decorated by just putting all the made food there or by placing them on the tables when everyone is ready for dinner, or you can create some food tables where guests get to customize dishes
1: Grazing table

Grazing tables are a great choice for a wedding. They would elevate the whole decor and make the space stunning and elegant. This can be a socializing spot where people would have crackers, cheese, fruits, and all different food items that are present on the grazing table and would have it with their drinks while chatting and mingling with the people around. These tables have a huge number of food items that are delicious and go well with different types of drinks present there.
2: Dessert table

What is the best thing about a buffet or a wedding lunch, the desserts? You can have a stunning dessert station at your wedding. You can select all different kinds of desserts and create a wonderful place. Add a chocolate fondue or fountain along with options like crackers, fruits, marshmallows, and other things such as pastries, cupcakes, and donuts. You can customize the toppings you would like on your food such as for the waffles or ice cream. The dessert table has such a vast range that you can select from.
3: Taco station

Let’s add a twist to the dinner and make it look more fun. You can have tacos as a wedding lunch/dinner. But everyone got a different preference when it comes to this dish. Getting tacos for everyone’s liking is a bit tedious, what you can do is get a taco station where you can get all the ingredients. All different kinds of tacos, veggies, sauces, and meats everything is presented to the guests and they can create the one they want or you can hire someone who can make them the required tacos. This is a cute and fun idea to have at a wedding.
4: Brunch bar

If you have an early morning wedding and everyone is going to have brunch there, you can opt for a brunch bar. You can have all different kinds of brunch ideas and place them in the same place. You can have a station full of brunch food such as waffles, sandwiches, burgers, and so much more all of that can easily be customized by adding or removing anything.
5: Noodle station

Who would say to noodles? With such a wide variety and things to add to them, you can always have one at your wedding. There are so many kinds of noodles along with a range of sauces to add with veggies and meat options. You can go for a ramen station or a noodle station without much gravy. These are unique and new dishes to add to your wedding lunch/dinner. Precooked noodles along with numerous ingredients for the sauce and other toppings.

Customizable food tables make the wedding and reception a fun place. You can add different types of food depending on what kind of wedding theme are you going with. People planning sophisticated and sleek weddings think that it is better to have everything served on the table during dinner but it does not mean you cannot have a bit of fun with dishes and decor. You can create these food tables with food items selected. You can go for customized cocktails or starters where people can choose and create the dish they like. This will allow people to move more instead of sitting at the table and would help them enjoy and meet people.

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