Why are wallpapers better than painting walls?

Do you want to protect your walls and make them look beautiful and stylish at the same time? One of the easiest and budget-friendly solutions to this is wallpaper. Wallpaper is an effective way to create a statement wall without being messy or taking a lot of your time. You can be creative and experimental with wallpapers and can even change them if you do not like how they look in the room. Wallpapers are available in patterns and textures whereas paint can feel a bit flat and plain on the walls.

If you are still not convinced then we present to you a list of reasons as to why are wallpapers a lot better than painting the walls in your house. Look at the reasons provided below to know more about wallpapers.


Wallpapers are highly durable

When you paint your walls at that time it looks clean and perfect. But you can see some bumps or scratches when you move the furniture here and there. The paint may even come off after some time and can leave an untidy look in the room. Therefore, it is better to use wallpaper as it is more durable than paint. Wallpapers are easier to clean than paint. Wallpapers are waterproof and are also scratch-proof therefore there are no chances of it getting scrapped when you move your furniture. There will be no scratches or scrapes on the wallpaper and it will look amazing and tidy every time.


You get a variety of patterns and styles

Wallpapers provide a large variety of styles and patterns for you to select from. You can select any type of pattern or color that will go well with your theme and decorate the walls with that pattern. You can go for some modern and minimal or some elegant designs or you can be bold and quirky with the patterns and textures all depending upon the type and style you are looking for. Wallpaper provides more styles, patterns, and textures than paints and therefore they are now in trend and are popular among people. They enhance the look of the room and house.


Can be applied easily on walls

Painting a wall can be messy and requires a lot of time and effort whereas wallpaper can be a little less work than paint. They both need proper application and preparation. If you have smooth walls then installing wallpaper gets extremely easy. All you need to make sure before putting a wallpaper is to see if the wall has bumps and scratches and cover them to make the outer layer over which the wallpaper will be installed, smooth and clean. Paint can take several coats to provide you the color you need whereas wallpaper does not need such and can be applied in one go.


Saves your money and time

Wallpapers are cheaper than paint. If you like a pattern and wish to put it on the walls of your house then it is better to get the wallpaper in that pattern rather than trying to replicate that pattern with paint. This will save you time. Not only this but when you paint you need to apply several coats and wallpaper gets installed in one go thus here too it saves you a lot of time. Wallpaper, as said, applies in one go thus you need not buy more than required but you might need extra paint to get that finish and shade you are going after. Thus this saves you only as well.


Now you can say that wallpapers are a lot better than painting the wall. Not only do they enhance the room by adding textures and patterns in the room but are also kids friendly. There are different kinds of wallpaper available to you. If you have a kid that scribbles on the walls then wallpaper is an ideal solution for your walls. Wallpapers are available that are waterproof and scratch resistance. You can get the removable wallpaper if you are having doubts about using wallpaper and see if want to keep it or not. Removable wallpapers can be removed without any fuss. Now your style and get the wallpaper of your theme and style.

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