Fun Things To Do With The Empty Space Over The Bed

The space over the bed is often underlooked when it comes to bedroom decor. A perfect bedroom still looks a little vanilla if the large space over your bed is left untouched. The empty wall space over the bed doesn’t look striking even if you create a great headboard and bedding set up with the mountain of chic pillows mounded against the wall. With large and empty space over the bed, your bedroom will still miss the wow factor no matter how elegantly it has been blown up. Irrespective of a narrow bedroom area you can still play with the empty space over the bed without making your room look overwhelmed.

Filling up the empty space will jazz up your bedroom area to the next level. It will create an illusion of fuller space even if it has not been furnished well. Sprucing up the empty wall space above the bed can be a bit tricky but even without putting much of your effort and time, you can impeccably add grin to the vacant wall.

Check out the plenty of easy and smart options you can go with refreshing your walls. So, stick around, readers!

Fix Cube Shelving-

The most ideal way to revive the empty space over the bed is by filling it up with shelves. Propping up the vacant walls with a set of shelves will right away add a contemporary vibe to your entire bedroom space. The shelves induced walls will not only look arresting but will help you bring out more space in the bedroom.

You can spice up the shelves with books, picture frames, and other decorative stuff you wish. Make sure you regularly move in with the stuff you’ve filled the shelves to tap novelty in your bedroom.

Paint or Wallpaper a Wall

Another great way to occupy your empty walls is to rather paint it with a bold print or decorate it with wallpaper. We would recommend when going with these options make sure you don’t oversize the walls, instead keep it to a minimal area. For instance, you can paint the walls with floral and fern print that without overwhelming much of the space will balance out the sparse.

When choosing a wallpaper to go with light or neutral colored paper or patterns that are pleasing to the eye without making your bedroom a bit dizzy.

Craft a Gallery Wall-

Give the room a personal vibe or an arty feel by switching the empty walls into a gallery. You can hang your favorite paintings or family pictures that will make your bedroom space much more personal. Crafting a wall gallery is very subjective. There is no drill that you have to follow dangle the walls with any of your preferential frames.

Just one thing to look after is not to oversize the walls with plenty of frames and rather go with four if small or two if big. In that way, you will jazz up the walls without making them look overhauled.

Unfold Space in the Room with Mirror-

If your bedroom has a narrow space and you’re looking to create an illusion of a bigger space hanging a mirror over the empty wall against the bedhead is a great idea. This small move will make a huge difference by instantly drawing more space into your tiny bedroom. A circular shape mirror frame hung over the wall will look wonderful and make your room feel bigger.

The mirror dangled on the wall against the bed will create a focal point through which delusion of depth is created that opens up the space of your room making it much brighter.

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