Hidden gateways one can frame in their abode

We all wanted a secret room hidden from the eyes of everyone in our childhood. Something magical, like twisting a vase or pulling a book out of the bookshelf might open the secret room. A whole new room that is all yours and you can utilize the space the way you want. Who said you cannot fulfil that childhood dream of yours? 

Get yourself a hidden room away from everyone where you can spend some alone time or can work quietly or can even use that room for storage or as a secret passage to somewhere else.


Secret chambers from the kitchen

The kitchen has so many shelves one can use as the entrance of a secret chamber. You can even use the front door of the fridge as the entrance. How cool would that be! Use the secret room the way you want to. A secret room for your snacks. No one can see snacks in your kitchen as all your favorite snacks are in your secret room that no one knows about. You can convert that room into your personal abode so as to get a break from your family and enjoy your alone time.


Secret library

If you are a book lover and love being alone while reading books then a secret library is all you want in your house. You can get a wallpaper of a bookshelf for the entrance door of this secret getaway or of course any other entrance as you wish. Transform the room into your reading nook. You can convert the place and furnish it with a sofa or a chair with beautiful lights and a table and a soft blanket. You can also keep a stash of some of your snacks and drinks so that you can enjoy reading alone without any interference.


Hidden secret entry into the house

 A secret entrance is a plus point to the safety of people living in the house. Create a hidden entrance or exit somewhere not so noticeable and also try to camouflage it with the surroundings. You can make this passage in some closet or a wall that is not very noticeable. This entrance can be used in some sort of emergency situations or sometimes when you cannot get out or inside the house from the main front entrance. Wallpaper and trim the door to hide it completely.


Under the staircase

The area under the staircase remains unused and is wasted. People put some decorative or just stack up stuff under the staircase. This creates a very untidy look and can deprecate the interior of the room. Instead, use the area available and make a secret room. You can utilize the room to store the not-in-use items or the extras present in the house. You can camouflage the door and make it look like just some wall under the staircase to get the finished look. If you want you can also use that area to connect to some other area of the house.


A secret wardrobe

A whole full secret room filled with clothes, shoes, and accessories all for yourself. You can use the available not utilized space and create a secret wardrobe all for yourself. You can use the fireplace as the entrance to the room. Remember when in some movies people twist some decorative ornaments such as a candlestick or a handle or a lampshade and the door slides open into a whole new room. You can create the same using some automated sliding doors and some technology. Get creative as to what to choose as the handle or opener that will activate the door to slide and open. 

You can make a lot of new and creative hidden rooms in your house; all you need is some creativity and vacant space. You can create a hidden bar, dressing room, vanity, kids’ playroom, office, anything you want. Be clever while choosing the entrance of this hidden room as the entrance can easily give away the whole purpose of a secret chamber. You can use some technology and get all high-tech with your room. Make your childhood dream of a hidden room a reality. 

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