Trending colors to paint your walls with 2021

One of the most important things when renovating is the selection of paint that is going to decorate the walls of the place. Paint on the walls makes a lot of difference and can easily make or break the look of the place. Extreme dull colors make the place gloomy and extremely vibrant colors make it hard to look at them. You need to see what colors are needed and what colors represent your aura and personality when decorating your space. Both are light, subtle, pastel colors and bold hues and trending in today’s décor.

You need not worry about the trending colors as we present to you some of the most trending colors that will make your place look cozy, homely and will help you relax and calm.


Bottle green

This color is getting all the fame it deserves. Some may think that this darker shade of green may be too overpowering in a room. However, this color brings a new element to the room when used properly. This color can be called the perfect color to describe the classic, glamourous interior style. This color gives out an elegant, classy aura and can be easily combined with other colors that can be used as the colors of the furniture around. This color goes well with pastel pink, white, cream, pearl, brown, etc.


Grayish blue

This has to be one of the top pastels colors that can be used to paint the walls. This color has a cool aura to it and you instantly feel relaxed and calm being in the room. There are several different shades of this color itself and you can go from the darkest of this to the lightest. Use this color if you want to create a calm, cool aura around the room. This color compliments a lot of other colors that you can use when decorating the area. Such as yellow, brown, white, other shades of blue for some monochromatic look.


Fawn brown

Brown can be considered an evergreen color that can never go out of style. You can always see some shades of brown in the interior of the place. The color we are talking about here is called fawn brown. This color resembles hot chocolate. This color is dark but not as much as coffee or other shades of brown. You can use this color to color your cabinets or can use it to create a statement wall and adorn it with various accents. You can pair beige, pastel green, yellow or other colors with this beautiful hue.


Terracotta red

Red won’t be the choice of color when painting any wall of the room but this terracotta red can be considered a must. This color has such a pleasant vibe to it. This color has always been used in the interior in the form of terracotta bricks or some pots. Try using this color on the walls of your place and see the difference. This color creates homely vibes and helps one feel relaxed. You can pair this color with some gray, white, blue, and some earthy colors. Use some gold accents to adorn the place and make the colors complement each other and create a great décor.


Mint green

You cannot go wrong with this color. Mint green is such a pleasant and relaxing shade to look at. Especially the lighter and pastel shade of mint green. Paint the walls of your room with this color and set the furniture with the other complimenting colors. Some colors that go well with this are shades of pink, darker shades of green, pearl white, and maybe some blue. This color looks good on walls, doors, cabinets, and beddings as well.

These are some of the colors that are trending and look exceptionally good on the walls of your house and make your house a home. Look for other colors and make your combinations and styles. Make some statement walls at your place and decorate them accordingly. These were some new and pleasant colors to be around. If you have some other colors then go for it and paint your place with those. Happy renovation!

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